Graduate Physics Students Spring Conference

Author: Shelly Goethals

The Graduate Physics Students’ group (GPS) held its second annual Spring Conference on Wednesday, May 1. This conference showcased the research of graduate students across all research groups in the Department of Physics.


There were 16 students who presented posters of their research. The students answered questions during the open sessions, and were judged. Awards for the posters went to Rich Pimpinella (1st place), Kate Rueff (2nd place), and Brian Bucher (3rd place).

Five students gave 12-minute research talks during the conference. Talks were given by Andrew Brinkerhoff, Collin Lines, Bryan Ostdiek, Yihui Ren, and Danielle McDermott.

This year’s GPS Conference Committee included Alex Long, Colin McClelland, Pokie Olson, Catherine Rastovski, Allison Showalter, Ali Snedden, and Nil Valls. The conference was sponsored by the Graduate Student Union (GSU), the Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics (JINA),  the College of Science, and the Department of Physics.

Photos from the Spring Conference can be found here.