ND's SPS chapter event featured on cover of the Spring 2021 SPS Observer

Author: Shelly Goethals

Brain Event

In fall 2020, the Notre Dame chapter of the Society of Physics Students (SPS), in collaboration with Access-ABLE club, held the first-ever “Love Your Brain” event last Friday by the Clarke Memorial Fountain. Then senior physics major Lauren Ward, co-president of SPS, wrote about the experience and her article is featured as the cover piece for the Spring 2021 SPS Observer publication. 

"We all need a little help sometimes, whether it comes from a friend lending a helping hand or from having someone to talk to when times are tough. Unfortunately, times always seem to be tough in today’s pandemic-ridden world, so it was important for the Society of Physics Students chapter at the University of Notre Dame to remind the student body to be kind to themselves. Part of this effort involved partnering with Access-ABLE—a campus advocacy club for students with disabilities and allies—to raise awareness for people with mental illnesses and traumatic brain injuries through our Love Your Brain event. All it took was a table set up on campus, some bandanas, the most ostentatious Sharpies we could find, and bottles of rubbing alcohol."

Link to the Spring 2021 issue here for her full story.

Link to the original story about the event held in Fall 2020 that was posted on ND Physics webpage here.

Brain Event