Wiescher publishes Radioactivity- Volume II

Author: Janet Weikel

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Freimann Professor of Physics Michael Wiescher has published book Radioactivity - Volume II: Developments and Applications in the Modern Industrial Age. While the first volume is mostly focused on the origins and the impact of radiation on the natural human environment, the second volume is concerned with the impact and applications of radiation in the modern industrialized world. An English translation of the book is in preparation.

Professor Wiescher is the Director of the Institute for Structure and Nuclear Astrophysics at the University of Notre Dame, Adjunct Professor at Michigan State University, Visiting Professor at the University of Surrey, and the Heraeus Visiting Professor at the Goethe University of Frankfurt.

(Note: the book is printed in German and published by wbg Academic. ISBN: 978-3-534-40585-5.)

Originally published by Janet Weikel at isnap.nd.edu on November 22, 2021.