Woodard and Wolf receive CHEP 2015 poster award

Author: Shelly Goethals

University of Notre Dame Department of Physics Graduate Students Anna Woodard and Matthias Wolf received an award for their poster presentation at the 21st International Conference on Computing and High Energy Nuclear Physics (CHEP 2015) in Okinawa, Japan, April 13-17. Their poster, titled “Exploiting Volatile Opportunistic Computing Resources with Lobster,” was about a software package that they wrote together to enable high energy physicists on the CMS experiment to make use of a broader set of computing resources then they can usually access.

The poster was submitted to "Track 5" of the conference (there were eight tracks). Track 5 covered: computing activities and computing models; 
distributed computing aspects with focus on operations; distributed data processing experience, including experience with grids and clouds; workflows and data management in operations; distributed data analysis; experience with production and data challenges; experience with analysis using distributed resources; interactive analysis using distributed resources; monitoring of user jobs and data; global usage and management of resources; data preservation; data curation and long-term data reproducibility.

For each of the eight tracks, one poster was chosen as winner; Anna's and Matthias' poster was selected as the winner of Track 5. The presenter for each of the winning posters was given the chance to deliver a six-minute long "Lightning Talk" during the plenary session on the last day of the conference.

Woodard is advised by Prof. Kevin Lannon and Wolf is advised by Prof. Michael Hildreth