Jay A. LaVerne

Professional Specialist
and Concurrent Professor
Theoretical Physics

B.S., Lamar University, 1972
Ph.D., University of Nebraska, 1981

Address: 314 Radiation Laboratory
Phone: (574-63)1-5563

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Research Interests

Radiation effects in condensed phases are due to complex interactions between the transport of energy, the decomposition of medium molecules, and the diffusion and reaction of transient species. The program is multidisciplinary, ranging from probing the fundamental physics and chemistry associated with the interaction of radiation with matter to examining the practical consequences of that radiolysis in biology, medicine, and engineering. Short-lived species and their kinetics are determined experimentally in the radiolysis of water, organics, and polymers with a wide variety of radiation types and energy using the facilities of the Notre Dame Radiation Laboratory and the Department of Physics Nuclear Structure Laboratory. Interfacial radiation effects involving the transport of energy and matter through heterogeneous boundaries are being explored for identification of the underlying mechanisms and for application to nuclear reactor technology and the environmental management of radioactive waste materials. Astrochemical and astrobiological studies are simulating the radiation ageing of cosmic ices within the laboratory for comparison with astrophysical observations and for predicting the formation of molecules important in the evolution of life. The radiolysis of biologically relevant molecules such as DNA is giving information useful for the radiation protection programs associated with space travel.

Selected Publications

“Aqueous Solution of UCl(sub>62- in O2 Saturated Acidic Medium: An Efficient System to Scavenge All Primary Radicals in Spurs Produced by Irradiation,” E. Atinault, V. De Waele, M. Fattahi, J.A. La Verne, S.M. Pimblott and M. Mostafavi, Journal of Physical Chemistry A 113, 949-951 (2009).

“Gas Production in the Radiolysis of Poly(vinyl chloride),” J.A. La Verne, E.A. Carrasco-Flores, M.S. Araos and S.M. Pimblott, Journal of Physical Chemistry A 112, 3345-3351 (2008).

“H Atom Yields in the Radiolysis of Water,” M. Huerta Parajon, P. Rajesh, T. Mu, S.M. Pimblott and J.A. La Verne, Radiation Physics and Chemistry 77, 1203-1207 (2008).

“The Radiolysis of Poly(4-vinylpyridine) Quaternary Salt Ion Exchange Resins,” K. Enomoto, J.A. La Verne, L. Tandon, A.E. Enriquez and J.H. Matonic, Journal of Nuclear Materials 373, 103-111 (2008).

“Reactions of Hydrated Electrons with Pyridinium Salts in Aqueous Solutions,” K. Enomoto and J.A. La Verne, Journal of Physical Chemistry A 112, 12430-12436 (2008).


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