Justin R. Crepp

Freimann Assistant Professor of Physics

Penn State, BS, 2003
University of Florida, PhD, 2008
Office phone: 574-631-4092
Office: 339C Nieuwland Science Hall

iLocater web site

Research Interests

My research involves developing new technologies and observational techniques to detect faint substellar companions that orbit nearby stars. Specifically, I design and build instruments that operate at visible and near-infrared wavelengths to directly image and study brown dwarfs and extrasolar planets. I also use the Doppler method to measure the radial velocity "wobble" of stars as they gravitationally interact with their planets. 

I am leading a new observing program called "TRENDS" that combines the Doppler method with high-contrast imaging. When working in tandem, these two powerful and complementary techniques can yield an accurate measure of the mass of substellar companions using orbital dynamics.  

Meanwhile, in the lab, I am working on a new instrument called "iLocater". The Infrared Large binOCulAr Telescope Exoplanet Recovery (iLocater) Spectrograph is the first fiber-fed Doppler instrument designed to operate behind an adaptive optics system. iLocater will identify terrestrial planets orbiting in the habitable zone of nearby M-dwarf stars by achieving unprecedented radial velocity precision at near-infrared wavelengths.


2013 NASA Early Career Award


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