Justin R. Crepp

Freimann Assistant Professor of Physics

Penn State, BS, 2003
University of Florida, PhD, 2008
Office phone: 574-631-4092
Office: 339C Nieuwland Science Hall

iLocater web site

Research Interests

Prof. Crepp's research involves developing new technologies and observational techniques to detect faint substellar companions that orbit nearby stars. He designs and builds new instruments that operate at visible and near-infrared wavelengths to directly image and study brown dwarfs and extrasolar planets. He also uses the Doppler method to measure the radial velocity "wobble" of stars as they gravitationally interact with their planets. 

Prof. Crepp is leading an observing program called "TRENDS" that combines the Doppler method with high-contrast imaging. When working in tandem, these two powerful and complementary techniques can yield an accurate measure of the mass of substellar companions using orbital dynamics.  

In the lab, Crepp is developing a new instrument for the Large Binocular Telescope called "iLocater." An ultra-precise spectrograph that will identify terrestrial planets orbiting in the habitable zones of nearby stars, iLocater will become the first Doppler radial velocity instrument that operates behind an adaptive optics system, a device that corrects for the blurring effects of Earth's turbulence atmosphere. 









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