Safety Information

Safety in labs, in offices, and in common areas is of the utmost importance to the Department of Physics. We work closely with the Risk Management and Safety (RMS) Group at the University of Notre Dame is monitoring all items related to safety. On this page you will find links to information, memos, and guides. Please refer to the RMS page for complete details.

Risk Management & Safety Web Page

ND Safety Communications: Alerts, Newsletters, Lessons Learned

Laboratory Safety



Nieuwland Science Hall Emergency Action Plan (EAP)



Physics Safety Program Document (PDF File)



How do I contact Notre Dame Security?

Call 574-631-5555. (It is suggested that you add ND Security as a contact to your cell phone.) You can also dial 911.

Where can I find a First Aid Kit?

One can be found in the kitchen area of the department office in 225 Nieuwland Science.

Where should I go if there is a fire alarm?

If the fire alarm goes off in Nieuwland Science Hall you must evacuate the building via the nearest exit, and keep a safe distance from the building. If you need shelter from the weather during the evacuation go into the La Fortune Student Center.

Where should I go if the tornado sirens are activated?

If you hear the tornado sirens you should go to the first floor hallway along the classroom corridor, Rooms 118 and 123. You should not leave the building, and you should stay away from windows.

Where is the nearest AED (automated external defibrillator) to Nieuwland?

The nearest one is at the information desk of LaFortune. Here is a complete list of AEDs on campus.

I see safety risk in Nieuwland Science Hall. Who do I tell?

If you see a safety risk in a lab, you should report it to the faculty member responsible for the lab. If you see a safety risk in a common area, an office, or anywhere else in Nieuwland Science Hall you should send an email to Shelly in the main office,