Outreach Activities

Outreach Demo

Notre Dame’s Physics and Astronomy Department has long emphasized the vital importance of public outreach as part of the mission of scientists, and graduate students are core contributors to the department’s exceptional range of outreach programs. Members of the department run camps and workshops, lead physics activities in local and regional schools, and involve high school students and teachers in research.

  • The QuarkNet program was founded at Notre Dame and Fermilab and now involves more than 50 universities across the country and nearly 600 high school teachers who are learning physics by participating in real world experiments.
  • Members of the physics department also share their love of physics with the local community through a Physics Demo team led by physics graduate students.
  • The department hosts one of the nation’s largest and longest running Research Experiences for Undergraduates programs.
  • Our Universe Revealed is a lecture series that aims to make physics accessible to all by explaining phenomena in the world around us in easy to understand language – there’s no science background needed! Attendees will find out about the fundamentals of the universe, results from the forefront of Physics, and learn about the cutting-edge research being undertaken at Notre Dame.