Kedia receives the 2021 CRC Award for Research Computing and Visualization

Author: Shelly Goethals

Atul Kedia2

ND Physics graduate student Atul Kedia has been recognized with a 2021 Center for Research Computing (CRC) Award for Computational Sciences and Visualization. This award recognizes outstanding contributions in the areas of computational sciences and visualization. Such contributions may include, but are not limited to: 1) applications of high performance computation and/or visualization technology; 2) development of algorithms, codes, software environments or other tools for better using high performance computing and/or visualization. 

Atul's research focuses on simulating the neutron rich environments in astrophysics and cosmology. He builds simulations of the spectacular event of binary neutron star mergers with the help of Einstein Toolkit, a community-driven numerical relativity platform he is involved in the development of. He also made simulations to describe the dynamics of multi species plasmas and then applied it to the Big bang nucleosynthesis. Atul is advised by Prof. Grant Mathews.