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Notre Dame physicist launches operations of cyclotron in Armenia

July 18, 2019 • Categories: News


Notre Dame physicist Ani Aprahamian holds deep feelings for Armenia. Her grandparents were survivors of the Armenian genocide, and her parents were born in refugee camps in Beirut, Lebanon. So knowing that Armenia continuously ranks the highest in mortality rates per capita of six major types of cancers, she wanted to do what she could to solve the problem.

Notre Dame student research aims to address wealth, health, and energy disparities

July 02, 2019 • Categories: News

At the University of Notre Dame, the Energy and Sustainable Development with Design Research Lab looks at different ways to empower people from developing countries. Undergraduate students in the lab focus their research efforts on overcoming unreliable energy challenges, empowering sustainable development, and ethical commitments to equality through co-publishing and funding

Bardayan and Couder lecture at the 2019 Exotic Beam Summer School at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

July 01, 2019 • Categories: News

Oak Ridge

Physics professors Dan Bardayan and Manoel Couder were lecturers at the 2019 Exotic Beam Summer School, which took place on the campus of Oak Ridge National Laboratory from June 24-29, 2019. The aim of this annual school is to introduce students and young researchers to the various facets of the science of exotic nuclei including nuclear structure, nuclear astrophysics, fundamental interactions, and the application of nuclear science and technology. Bardayan lectured on "Nuclear Astrophysics Experiments", and Couder lectured on "Beam Optics". Both are researchers in the nuclear science laboratory in the Department of Physics.…