A number of resources are available for current students, from important information regarding examinations and teaching assistantships to university-wide resources such as the Graduate School, the Office of Residential Life and Housing, and the Academic Year calendar. Additionally, a number of external links are available through the American Physical Society and the Society of Physics Students.

Guide for Graduate Students

In Brief

Graduate Physics Society

Forms and Documents

Summer Course information

The summer course consists of three three-week segments:

  • PHYS 67001 Review of Physics A:  Mechanics & Thermodynamics (June 4-22)
  • PHYS 67002 Review of Physics B:  Electromagnetism (June 25-July 13)
  • PHYS 67003 Review of Physics C: Quantum Mechanics (July 16-August 3)

There will be no class meetings on June 4, July 4, or August 3.

Classes are held daily from 9:00 to 11:30 am in Room 184 Nieuwland Science.

Preliminary Examination Dates

August 6:   Physics A

August 8:   Physics B

August 10: Physics C

Time and Location:  9:00 am to noon.  Room 184 Nieuwland Science.


Read Preliminary Examination details from The Guide for Graduate Students:  

                        4.1 Preliminary Examination  (pdf file)



For Teaching Assistants (TAs)

Fall 2017

Spring 2018

Summer 2018

2018 Summer Class TA Assignments (pdf file)

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