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Current ND Physics graduate students can find a number of resources on this page, from important information regarding examinations and teaching assistantships and links to university-wide resources. There are also links to various PDF files such as the Guide for Graduate Students and the Academic Code.

If you have a question and can't find what you need on this page, email the physics graduate program coordinator, Shari Herman,

Physics Research Writing Consultant

Throughout graduate school, you will find yourself in the process of writing papers, fellowship proposals, small grant (e.g., travel grant) proposals, candidacy proposals, and ultimately, their theses. There are some things which only your advisor and collaborators can work with you on, relating to the details of the science.  But there are many other aspects where a physicist reader from outside your specialty can help -- with structure, developing a coherent presentation, clarity and readability, and matters of language. You can work with the Physics Research Writing Consultant at any stage of your writing process, from planning through drafting and revisions.

Everyone benefits from having multiple sets of eyes on their writing, and especially from having an uninitiated reader who can spot the things which may be obvious to you as the person doing the research but may not be obvious to your intended audience.  The writing consultant is a professional to whom you can go without hesitation and who is focused on providing support and constructive feedback.  You are encouraged to try this out early, as you will likely find it beneficial to use this resource more than once over the course of your writing project.

To schedule an appointment, please go to the scheduling portal provided by the ND Writing Center:
Be sure to select "Physics Research Writing Consultant" on the log-in page to reach our private calendar. Consultation appointments will be online via Zoom.

Materials Science and Engineering Doctoral Degree Program

The Department of Physics is one of seven departments and programs at Notre Dame that offers the interdisciplinary Materials Science and Engineering doctoral degree. Incoming students who are interested in the program should follow the department’s admissions process, with details available at To successfully complete the Materials Science and Engineering degree, students will be required to complete their home department requirements, nine hours of materials science courses, and a materials science-focused doctoral thesis. Students who successfully complete this programming will earn a “Physics: Materials Science and Engineering" degree.

Please discuss your interest in the Materials Science and Engineering doctoral program with our Department DGS or DGA. For more information, please visit

Summer Course Information

The 2021 summer course consists of three, three-week segments:

  • PHYS 67001 Review of Physics A:  Mechanics & Thermodynamics - June 1 to June 18
  • PHYS 67002 Review of Physics B:  Electromagnetism  - June 21 to July 9
  • PHYS 67003 Review of Physics C: Quantum Mechanics July 12 to July 30

Preliminary Examination Dates

2021 Fall Preliminary Examination Dates

  • Part A: Mechanics & Thermodynamics - Monday, August 9, 2021
  • Part B: Electromagnetism - Wednesday, August 11, 2021
  • Part C: Quantum Mechanics - Friday, August 13, 2021
  • Read a description of Review of Physics Summer Course from the Guide for Graduate Students: Summer Course Information (pdf file)

2022 Spring Preliminary Examination Dates:  TBD

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