Summer Course information

The summer course consists of three three-week segments:
    NOTE:  Dates are for Summer 2018.  Summer 2019 will be posted in early winter.

  • PHYS 67001 Review of Physics A:  Mechanics & Thermodynamics (June 3-23)
  • PHYS 67002 Review of Physics B:  Electromagnetism (June 24-July 12)
  • PHYS 67003 Review of Physics C: Quantum Mechanics (July 15-August 2)

There will be no class meetings on  July 4.

Classes are held daily from 9:00 to 11:30 am in Room 184 Nieuwland Science.

Preliminary Examination Dates

Friday, August 9:   Physics A

Monday, August 12:   Physics B

Wednesday, August 14: Physics C

Time and Location:  9:00 am to noon.  Room 184 Nieuwland Science.


Read Preliminary Examination details from The Guide for Graduate Students:  

                        4.1 Preliminary Examination  (pdf file)