Laszlo Forro

204A Nieuwland Science Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556
+1 574-631-7012

Research Interests

Three major research fields:
1. Quantum electronic materials;
2. Functional nanostructures, and
3. Biomaterials.

The topics are:
- Synthesis, physical properties and manipulation of carbon nanostuctures and nanostuctured arrays.
- Oxidative stress, studied by ESR, AFM, SIRMS, PFM. Toxicity study of various nanostuctures.
- Mechanical properties of biological tubular systems, carbon nanotubes, carbon onions by AFM.
- Transport and electron spin resonance studies of molecular materials, quasi-one-dimensional organic metals, organic superconductors, cuprates, manganates and fullerenes - up to high pressures.
- Tunneling spectroscopy in cuprate and fullerene superconductors.
- Optical properties of strongly correlated systems and biomaterials.


- Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
- Member of the Croatian Academy of Sciences
- Member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences
- Doctor Honoris Causa of the University of Szeged, Hungary
- Spiridon Brusina Award of the Croatian Society of Natural Sciences
- Yucomat Award (Materials Society of Serbia) 2018
- Doppler Professorship Award (together with Thomas Christian Südhof, Stanford) University of Miskolc, 2020
- ERC Advanced Grant “Picoprop” 2015
- ERC Proof of Concept Grant “Picoprop4CT” 2018


MS Eötvös University - 1979, Budapest, Hungary
Doctorate of 3rg cycle (French degree) – 1982 Université Paris-Sud, France
Ph.D. University of Zagreb - 1985, Croatia