ND Physics staff serve a number of support roles for the students, faculty, and researchers in the department.

  1. Kristen Amsler

    Physics Office Coordinator, Physics
    P: 574-631-6387
    225C Nieuwland Science Hall

  2. Haley Borsodi

    Accelerator Technician, Physics
    124 Nieuwland Science Hall

  3. Kenneth Cecire

    QuarkNet Nationl Staff Teacher, Physics
    P: 574-631-3343
    103A Reyniers Life Building

  4. Giacomo Cucciati

    Research Engineer, Physics

  5. Gary Edwards

    Tool & Die Maker, Physics
    P: 574-631-9190
    115B Nieuwland Science Hall

  6. Stephanie Fuson

    Administrative Assistant, Physics
    P: 574-631-4086
    225E Nieuwland Science Hall

  7. Shelly Goethals

    Manager Department Admin, Physics
    P: 574-631-4001
    225B Nieuwland Science Hall

  8. Joel Griffith

    Software Specialist, Physics
    108 Reyniers Life Building

  9. Randall Hamper

    Machine Shop Program Manager, Physics
    115A Nieuwland Science Hall

  10. Adriaan Heering

    Research Engineer, Physics

  11. Shari Herman

    Senior Administrative Asst, Physics
    P: 574-631-2813
    225F Nieuwland Science Hall

  12. Jeffrey Holdeman

    Electronic Technician, Physics
    P: 574-631-6324
    108A Nieuwland Science Hall

  13. Brian Huge

    Accelerator Technician, Physics
    124 Nieuwland Science Hall

  14. Brennon Koehler

    Technical Support Coordinator, Physics
    P: 574-631-7792
    112 Nieuwland Science Hall

  15. Jerry Lingle

    Accelerator Technician, Physics
    P: 574-631-7716
    124 Nieuwland Science Hall

  16. Nikitas Loukas

    Research Engineer, Physics

  17. Jeffrey Marchant

    Research Technician, Physics
    P: 574-631-9941
    113 Reyniers Life Building

  18. Daniel Ruggiero

    Lab Sr Program Manager, Physics
    P: 574-631-9384
    116 Reyniers Life Building

  19. Matthew Sanford

    Tool & Die Maker, Physics
    P: 574-631-9075
    115B Nieuwland Science Hall

  20. Michael Vansickle

    Project Manager, Physics
    225 Nieuwland Science Hall

  21. Tina Vernon

    Procurement Specialist, Physics

  22. Mark Vigneault

    Technician, Physics
    P: 574-631-3870
    105 Reyniers Life Building

  23. Janet Weikel

    JINA/ISNAP Administrator, Physics
    P: 574-631-4087
    122B Nieuwland Science Hall

  24. Margaret Zakas

    QuartNet Administrator, Physics
    P: 574-631-2789
    101 Reyniers Life Building