Antonio Delgado

Professor, Department of Physics & Astronomy

Professor, Department of Physics & Astronomy

324 Nieuwland Science Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556
+1 574-631-3754

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Research Interests

Prof. Delgado’s interests are related to the last building block of the Standard Model of Particle Physics, the Higgs boson, which was discovered at CERN in 2012. This particle is the one that gives masses to every other particle in the SM. Its origin, nature and existence is one of the lines of theoretical research in particle physics. After discovery of the Higgs boson at the LHC new avenues for particle physics will open and theoretical understanding is the key ingredient for new developments. Since the Higgs boson is related to mass it is deeply connected to cosmology, another area where Prof. Delgado has contributed, especially in the realm of dark matter, one of the unknown pieces of our universe. The other one may also be related to the Higgs boson, the dark energy. Theoretical understanding can lead to interesting experimental challenges that should end into discoveries, that is why close collaboration with experimental colleagues is a fundamental part of Prof. Delgado’s research.


B.Sc., Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, 1997
Ph.D., ibid., 2001


“Extending the reach of compressed gluinos at the LHC” Antonio Delgado, Adam Martin, Nirmal Raj. arXiv: 1605.06479.  Phys. Rev. D94 (2016) 11, 115010

"A light sneutrino rescues the light stop” Mikael Chala, Antonio Delgado, Germano Nardini, Mariano Quiros. arXiv:1702.07359. JHEP 1704

“Catching Sparks from well-forged neutralinos”, Joseph Bramante, Antonio Delgado, Fatemeh Elahi, Adam Martin and Bryan Ostdiek, arXiv:1408.6530, Phys. Rev. D90 (2014) 095008

“The light stop window”, Antonio Delgado, Gian F. Giudice, Gino Isidori, Maurizio Pierini and Alessandro Strumia. arXiv 1212.6847 Eur. Phys.J. C73 (2013) 2370

“Upper bounds on SUSY masses from the LHC”, M.E. Cabrera, J.A.Casas and Antonio Delgado. arXiv:1108.3867[hep-ph], Phys. Rev. Lett.. 108 021802 (2012)