Christopher Hinkle

Leonard C. Bettex Professor of Electrical Engineering

Leonard C. Bettex Professor of Electrical Engineering

267 Fitzpatrick Hall of Engineering
Notre Dame, IN 46556
+1 574-631-3437

Concurrent Professor of Physics and Astronomy

Research Interests

Our group’s multidisciplinary research focuses on the growth, characterization, and device physics of quantum and semiconductor materials for novel devices and applications. Our approach utilizes advanced molecular beam epitaxy techniques, selective area atomic layer deposition, and highly developed materials characterization to fundamentally understand the nucleation and growth process, material nanostructure, chemical bonding, and experimentally determined band structure.  We then correlate those findings with advanced electrical transport and magnetic measurements from devices that we fabricate to take full advantage of the novel properties of the materials and heterostructures that we create.

Our research interests include semiconductor defects for quantum communication, topologically protected transport in semiconductors and metals, magnetic properties in 2D materials, and back-end-of-line materials and device integration.

Honors and Activities

Bettex Collegiate Chair and Professor, Electrical Engineering


Ph.D., North Carolina State University