Jacek Furdyna

Emeritus Professor
Fellow, Nanovic Institute for European Studies
Co-Director, Center for Material Fabrication & Nanotechnology
Experimental Condensed Matter Physics

B.S., Loyola University, 1955
Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1960

E-mail: furdyna@nd.edu
Address: NSH 309
Phone: (574) 631-6741
Fax: (574) 631-5952

Research Interests

Research interests of Prof. Furdyna involve the preparation of new semiconducting compounds and the investigation of their physical properties. Most recently this activity has focused on three semiconducting systems: quantum well structures for use in blue and blue-green light emitters, including semiconductor lasers; magnetic semiconductors (which combine “traditional” semiconductor phenomena with new magnetic properties, including ferromagnetism); and semiconductor nanostructures, such as self-assembled quantum dots, quantum wires, and their arrays. All above structures are fabricated at Notre Dame by molecular beam epitaxy. These systems are investigated by electrical, magnetic, and magneto-optical techniques. The above techniques provide basic understanding of the electronic and magnetic structures of the new semiconducting materials, and also provide the knowledge necessary for constructing optical devices based on the above materials.

In addition to the spectroscopic studies carried out at Notre Dame, Prof. Furdyna is involved in an extensive program of collaborations with other institutions in the area of structural studies, magnetic measurements, and neutron scattering on the semiconductor systems described above

Selected Publications

“Ferromagnetic resonance in Ga1-xMnxAs: effects of magnetic anisotropy,” X. Liu, Sasaki and J. K. Furdyna, Physical Review B 67, 205204 (2003).

“Optically induced multispin entanglement in a semiconductor quantum wells,” J. Bao,A. V. Bragas, J. K. Furdyna, and R. Merlin, Nature Materials 2, 175-179 (2003).

“Coherent superposition of electric- and magnetic-dipole spin-flip transitions in zinc-blende semiconductors,” J. K. Furdyna and M. Dobrowolska, Journal of Superconductivity 16, 647-659 (2003).

“Magnetic domain structure and magnetic anisotropy in Ga1-xMnxAs,” U. Welp, V. K. Vlasko-Vlasov, X. Liu, J. K. Furdyna, and T. Wojtowicz, Phys. Rev. Lett. 90, Art. No. 167206 (2003).

“Curie Temperature Limit in Ferromagnetic Ga1-xMnxAs,” K. M. Yu and W. Walukiewicz, T. Wojtowicz, W.L. Lim, X. Liu, U. Bindley, M. Dobrowolska, and J. K. Furdyna, Phys. Rev. B 68, 041308®, (2003).

“Coupling between magnetic/non-magnetic quantum dots in double-layer geometry,” S. Lee, D. Y. Shin, L. V. Titova, M. Kutrowski, M. Dobrowolska, and J. K. Furdyna, Appl. Phys. Lett. 83, 2865-2867 (2003).

Honors and Activities:

Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science
Doctorate Honoris Causa, Warsaw University, 2002

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