Matthew Becker

Associate Teaching Professor, Department of Physics & Astronomy

Associate Teaching Professor, Department of Physics & Astronomy

204B Nieuwland Science Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556
+1 574-631-7219

Research Interests

Becker has nearly a decade of experience teaching physics in higher education. He has taught all levels of undergraduate physics, including intro courses for non-majors, physics for pre-med and biology students, as well as upper-level courses geared toward engineers and physics majors. From this range of demographics, Becker has learned to connect well with all kinds of students, from those who view physics merely as a tool, to those who view it as too hard or simply a stepping stone on their road to their degree. In all of these cases, he loves to teach enthusiastically and help to move them toward an appreciation of understanding our physical world simply for the sake of understanding it.


B.S. Physics - Emporia State University (2005)

M.S. Physics (Condensed Matter) - University of Notre Dame (2009)

Ph.D. Physics - ibid. (2011)