Khachatur Manukyan

Associate Research Professor, Department of Physics & Astronomy

Associate Research Professor, Department of Physics & Astronomy

210C Nieuwland Science Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556
+1 574-631-6083

Research Interests

My research aims to unravel the complexities of novel material creation, where the realms of material science, chemistry, and physics converge. I am fascinated by the rapid physical and chemical processes that induce profound structural changes, such as swift phase transitions, rapid amorphization, and crystallization. I am keen to unearth the essential connections between material synthesis, processing, structure, and function. At the core of my scientific endeavor, I explore materials specially tailored for nuclear science measurements, energy, and structural applications. These are areas of immense significance, as they provide the foundation for advancing our understanding of materials and their role in powering modern technologies.

My curiosity extends far beyond contemporary materials. I explore the structure, composition, and preparation methods of artworks, ancient alloys, medieval manuscripts, historical documents, and even paper money. In these ancient artifacts, I seek a profound connection with our ancestors, shedding light on the materials they ingeniously employed and the techniques they mastered. By bridging the past and present, we forge a path where history and science intertwine.

Throughout my scientific career, I have published more than 100 research articles in archival journals within these fields.


B.S., Chemistry, Yerevan State University, 2001
M.S., Chemistry, Yerevan State University, 2003
Ph.D., Chemistry, Yerevan State University, 2006


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