Sylwia Ptasinska

Professor, Department of Physics & Astronomy

Professor, Department of Physics & Astronomy

311 Nieuwland Science Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556

Research Interests

Heterogeneous Processes on Surfaces: Photoelectron spectroscopy, electronic and chemical structures, water/semiconductor interfaces

Non-Thermal Plasma Radiation: Plasma diagnostics, plasma reactive species, plasma effects on molecular systems

Low-Energy Electron Interactions: Dissociative electron attachment, electron ionization, mass spectrometry

Honors and Activities

2019 Rev. Edmund P. Joyce, C.S.C., Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

Editor-in-Chief of European Physical Journal D: Atomic, Molecular, Optical and Plasma Physics (EPJD)


M.Sc., Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, Lublin, Poland, 2001
Ph.D., Leopold-Franzens-University, Innsbruck, Austria, 2004
Habilitation, Leopold-Franzens-University, Innsbruck, Austria, 2011


Zhang, X., B.C. Wood, A.J.E. Rowberg, T.A. Pham, T. Ogitsu, J. Kapaldo, S. Ptasinska. "Kinetically versus thermodynamically controlled factors governing elementary pathways of GaP(111) surface oxidation." J. Power Sources, 560 (2023) 232663.

Chakraborty,D., D.S. Slaughter, S. Ptasinska. "Dynamics of resonant low-energy electron attachment to ethanol-producing hydroxide anions." Phys. Rev. A 108 (2023) 052806.

Sebastian, A., D. Lipa, S. Ptasinska. "DNA strand breaks and denaturation as probes of chemical reactivity versus thermal effects of atmospheric pressure plasma jets." ACS Omega 8, (2023) 1663–70.

Sebastian, A., D. Spulber, A. Lisouskaya, S. Ptasinska. "Revealing low-temperature plasma efficacy through a dose-rate assessment by DNA damage detection combined with machine learning models." Sci Rep 12 (2022) 18353.

Ptasinska, S., Varella, M.T.d., Khakoo, M.A., Slaughter D, Denifl S. "Electron scattering processes: fundamentals, challenges, advances, and opportunities." Eur. Phys. J. D 76 (2022) 179.